Who We Are

Pinehurst Business Partners is a member based business association located in beautiful Pinehurst, North Carolina. We are committed to serving our members through the marketing and promotion of member businesses.  Our goal is for residents of the area and visitors to visit and employ our members for their needs and to always shop, eat, and support local. We have a wide range of members including, but not limited to: retail, restaurants, accounting and financial, medical, technology, home improvement, real estate, and public services. We are a team of business professionals who care deeply about our Village and together we strive for each member to succeed.  This is achieved through the use of promotional materials, as well as local events in the Village of Pinehurst.

What We Do

We host a monthly meeting, called the “Business After Hours” which is held the 4th Monday evening of each month. This meeting provides our members with the opportunity for business networking, catching up on the latest Business Partners news, as well as some time to interact socially with their fellow partners. In addition, we plan events on our own and in conjunction with other entities that enables and propels the members’ brands into the eyes of the consumer marketplace. Whether supporting charitable organizations, promoting local artisans, or driving consumer traffic to our storefronts, our events always have a beneficial purpose. When Pinehurst Business Partners participates in these events our members are able to promote their business via printed material and other promotional outlets. Our events are always fun-filled and member-centric as we strive to place our members’ best interests at the forefront so that we, as Pinehurst Business Partners, will all benefit.